I am the bearer of many titles, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother; but lost in finding my identify. I love hard & unconditionally but am in a constant pursuit of ways to earn & be deserving of the love of others. Welcome to my space of discovery, heartache, renewal, fear and eventual recovery. It isn't an easy journey or one that I am able to embrace today - the journey of a 47 yr old woman living with an Eating Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Self Doubt and Self Sabotage. I am in the depths of treatment - while simultaneously holding on to my mental illness behaviours with a death grip. I'm not where I want to be - and exactly where I put myself. I live in a black and white world..... but through my writings here, I hope to discover the rainbow of possibilities, clarity, hope and discovery... and I welcome you to join me as I make my way through the twists and turns of this thing called life.
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