Greg Colip is the founder, managing member, general counsel, and chief executive officer of Cell Point, LLC (Cell>Point) in Centennial, Colorado. Over the course of more than two decades in this role with the late-stage phase 3 biotech company, he has provided extensive financial reporting to the company’s board of directors and senior executive team, and various Cell Point, LLC (Cell>Point) banking partners. Greg Colip is involved in all aspects of strategy at the company, including a continuous reevaluation of processes to ensure optimal efficiency. His leadership has helped the company successfully acquire five platform technologies from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, including four chelation chemistry technology platforms.
Mr. Colip studied industrial engineering at Indiana University, graduating with a bachelor of science in 1970. He continued his education at Indiana University, earning a master of arts in business and a Juris doctor in 1972 and 1978. He enjoys traveling when he is not staying abreast of cardiology and cancer research or engaging with professional groups such as the Society of Nuclear Medicine.