The Guiltless Foodies

When it comes to good food, Nishkala and Arvind are a couple with the ‘golden tongue’. They can not only taste (and discern culinary magic), but they can express themselves with precision and eloquence that is rare. Essentially they are media professionals who not only fell in love with each other but also with cuisine of all types. And as their love for each other grew, food became a passion for them!

In May 2015, they gave birth to “The Guiltless Foodies” which expresses very aptly their zest for good food. Their adventurous spirit takes them to distant corners as they pursue their quest for culinary masterpieces. They have travelled ‘the road not taken’ to explore promising and upcoming food outlets. Very importantly they have covered all types of places from fine dine, mid level to small places that are way off the culinary circuit.

Their eagle eye for detail and discerning taste buds has played a pivotal role in mapping the ever changing culinary landscape of the city. They have travelled hundreds of kilometres to understand and relish good food and they are always gung ho about tasting and testing new food opportunities. It’s hardly a surprise to learn that they are the winner of “Best Restaurant Review” by the Food Blogger Association of India.

Yes, this gourmand couple has many 'meals' to go before they sleep!