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No matter the extent of the disaster, Guru Restoration's handymen can clean your apartment after a flood in Toronto and the GTA. Through the use of specialized accessories, equipment and tools, we will quickly and efficiently pump out water, dry out the rooms, clean, disinfect and neutralize odors, remove mold and mildew, even if there was no flood.

Mold Removal by Guru Restoration. We offer mold removal in your home or business. We get rid of mold on the same day!

Thoroughly remove mold and blackness on ceilings, walls, windows and soffits. No harm to your health. You will not have to go anywhere. After treatment we will leave a clean. The work will be done in 1 - 3 hours.

Only 3 steps to a clean room.

Step 1 - request. Putting all doubts aside, you call or write us. Submit your request via the website or through online chat.
Step 2 - Consultation. We will consult you and answer the questions, we will calculate the exact cost of works, we will agree on the date and time of the works.
Step 3 - processing. We'll come to you on the agreed date and time. We'll find the reason. We'll remove mould and blackness. We disinfect. Clean up after ourselves.

Flooding of different types

Toronto and GTA flood repair may be needed if your neighbors have had a flood, there has been a leak in the bathroom or the radiators have become faulty. Not only the flow or walls, but also the floor and wallpaper may be affected. Depending on the complexity of the work, the company will make a comprehensive repair, with an assessment of the damage caused to the apartment.

After flooding, it is very important to immediately eliminate the cause of the accident, remove moisture and minimize moisture in the room. This way you can keep the apartment in normal condition until the arrival of specialists.

What to do after the flood:

- Eliminate the cause;
- Contact the utility services;
- Register the extent of the damage;
- Contact a repair company.

Each situation should be considered individually.

The advantages of working with our company

1. Do not go beyond the estimates.
2. Stage-by-stage payment of works.
Official agreement.
4. A warranty on all kinds of work.
5. Clear and transparent estimates.
6. More than 7 years of experience.
7. Additional discounts for volume.

Repair of the ceiling after flooding.

The amount of repair in this case depends on the type of ceiling construction. Flooding can have great negative consequences for a suspended ceiling made of plasterboard. The cost of such repairs will be maximum, as after wetting the drywall panels can not only lose color, but also lose their shape. In this case, it is necessary to remove the old ceiling and install a new one. If any type of ceiling is locally wet, it is necessary to dry this area, treat it with primer and paint again. If it is not possible to paint over the stain, you will have to treat it with finish plaster before painting.

Repairing the flooring after a flood

If in your apartment, the repair was originally made thoroughly, the floor screed did not leave a single crack, then there is a great risk of flooding to lose such types of floor coverings such as laminate and parquet. If the water completely covered the floor, and such flooring has been in this state for several hours, the likelihood that it is beyond repair is high. After such flooding, the flooring needs to be completely replaced.

At this level of flooding, where water can be in the living space, ceramic or marble tile flooring is virtually immune to damage.

Carry out restoration repairs after the flood can be their own efforts. But it all depends on the amount of work to restore the appearance of the apartment. To start such works, it is necessary to dry the room well. Naturally do it in a short time is not always possible. Weather conditions, in the absence of heating, can contribute to the rapid emergence and spread of fungus.

To conclude

We registered on this site because we want to do even more good for people. We are very good at what we do, and we hope that our services will be of use to everyone who is in need. We hope to find our new clients here and become great contractors.

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