Worcester Blue

I am a book addict and read in excess of 150 books a year broadening my influences and discovering new authors. I am a freelance Book Publicist and Independent Book Reviewer. I enjoy interacting on Goodreads with other active readers and authors alike. I have been a regular in the the top 50 for the Top Reviewer and Best Reviewer categories on Goodreads for some time. I also rank on Amazon and Amazon UK.

With over 25 years experience in advertising, copy-writing, media, sales and marketing I am passionate about promoting a good book. I work a lot with new and independent authors.Feature in the top 100 reviewers on Goodreads site and my standing is rising all the time. Enjoy reading new authors as well as well established ones and adding reviews to Goodreads and Amazon. I have over 1250 followers on my Goodreads site. and my blog following is growing all the time..