Northeast USA

I am a Psychologist, and student of archetypes and a professed Franciscan in the Third Order of the Society of St Francis. My fascinations include the mathematical imagination, amateur astronomy, sacred texts from around the world, and the so-called "dead" ( but beautiful) languages - Aramaic, ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit; a mere beginner in each case to be sure.

I am moved by great poetry, sometimes a humble author of poetry, a collector and author of creative liturgies, a singer, lover of opera, poor but devoted piano player and fledgling guitarist, and one devoted to long, rich dialogues over coffee, tea and munchies.

I am always hopeful of meeting others who see the universe in a flower and God in a smile. I do hope you will share your experiences on spiritual practice.

Current Academic Study- The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition

Th. D(h) - Sanctus Institute, 2000

Licentiate in Sacred Theology ( STL), The Free Catholic Institute, 1994

Post-Doctorate Certificate, LI Institute of Psychoanalysis, 1988

Ph.D. Applied Research Psychology, Hofstra University 1985

M. A. Applied Research Psychology, Hofstra University, 1982


Diaconate - Free Catholic Church, 1993, Philadelphia

Priesthood - Free Catholic Church, 1994, Washington DC.

Episcopacy- Reformed Catholic Church, Mount Sinai, NY 2000

Current Incardination: White Robed Monks of St. Benedict

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