Harry Scriven

Hampshire, England, UK

I have been adopted as a father by a beautiful 26 year old girl. I have a growing expertise in girls' rights, whisky drinking, maths, economics, IT and Spanish.

I started my working life in the Civil Service and now work in second line support in an IT Company installing and configuring bespoke software.

As well as a weekly jog, my interests include music and history which leads to my visiting exhibitions and castles, as well as reading musical journals once in a while. I also have a strong interest in mental puzzles - especially sudoku.

I am a previously published poet which resulted from my love of literature.

My love of Linux systems, meanwhile, was born from my frustration with software conflicts that sometimes arise on Windows. I'm also a supporter of Open software.

My obsessive interests are international girls' rights and economics. I will always find time to read an article or watch a television documentary on these subjects.

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