Feminine Fashion Fusion

Hello. Hayden is just a pseudonym. I live outside Boston. I went to Boston University (Class of 2018). I like learning. I dislike everything static. I like political science. I dislike politics. I like music. I dislike the radio. I like film. I dislike most blockbusters. I like the art world. I dislike the business world. I like expressing. I dislike writing. I like soccer. I dislike being lazy. I am interested in guys when it comes to sexual and romantic affairs. I am interested in girls when it comes to finding friends to hang out with, shop, watch movies, try on outfits, lay in the bed, text, go to a concert, etc. I am interested in everyone, everything, and everywhere when it comes to anything else. 💃😍✨ P.S. I jumped off a parking garage to kill myself on November 12th, woke up in a hospital, got transferred to a psychiatric ward after recovering, and have since chosen not just to LIVE but THRIVE. I hope all of you do, too.