I am an autistic mother of neurodiverse children, I love writing and am passionate about spreading acceptance of neurodiversity. I want to live in a world which is accessible by all and in which autistic and neurodiverse people aren't made to feel excluded or "weird".

This page is mostly about my home education and parenting journey with my three children: Emma (or sometimes Reggie or Max) is 9 years old and diagnosed with Asperger's. She is happy for me to usually use female pronouns when talking about her but she is genderfluid and sometimes genderless. She is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and funny people I have ever met in my life.
Dylan is 7 years old. He is under assessment for PDA and ADHD. He's a ball of energy and an amazing climber. He's also very clumsy. In seven short years, he's been glued back together at the hospital around 6 times (I've actually lost count!). He wants to get into parkour when he's older; I think I will be grey before I'm 40 if he does!
Heather is 3. She is the devil in pigtails. Her hobbies include making up stories, looking at animals and winding up her older siblings and watching them go! She loves annoying her siblings and has lately added the words "bloody" and "idiot" to her vocabulary and she uses them with abandon.

I have been home educating my children since I saw how much the British school system was damaging them in the Summer of 2017. Since we began our home education journey my children have come along in leaps and bounds academically, socially and emotionally. I love our little homeschool and only wish I'd done it since the beginning.