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Happy birthday images funny In this diagram, I once again graphically depicted the course of the exercises, as I have pictured it in my head. The individual steps I will now each briefly carry out. First of all you are looking for a chair or chair, a sofa or a stool will suffice. Here you take the basics for the Autogenic Training. To do this, you have to straighten your back and place your feet on the ground (the soles should really be on, the knees / thighs are best parallel to each other.

Imagine someone is holding a thread right in the middle of your head and pulling you slightly up. Let the arms drop down at the side of your body and place your arms on your thighs. The arms are therefore slightly bent and the hands lie on the inside of the thighs. You should feel good overall and you can lean a little, but do not lean back too much. Happy birthday images funny

On these two pictures you see how you should sit about. I do not claim that the posture is perfect, but so I sit with the Autogenic Training and it works very well. If one is already very practiced, it is also conceivable to take another sitting or even lying position, but for the first months I recommend the sitting position shown.

Now the exercise is to begin: For this it is important that you are aware of what is happening now. You can just think it, or even quietly for yourself. The eyes are open: "When I close my eyes, the next minutes are all alone for me. The outside world is absolutely unimportant for this short time, it's just about me and my thoughts / body! birthday wishes images Although it may seem odd to you, you should or should think of these or similar words in any Autogenic Training. Believe me, it really helps! Happy birthday images funny.

If you are aware of the fact that now a few minutes follow, in which you are going exclusively to yourself and your thoughts, you can close your eyes. You should try to breathe as deeply as possible.

When your eyes are closed, you focus only on your body: How does it feel sitting on the chair? How your hands feel on your thighs. Thoughts from the outside you deliberately block out and do not let them. If you notice that you are thinking of something else, then you remain calm, push the thought away again and concentrate again on you. At the beginning, it is difficult to remain focused throughout the Autogenic Training, but with more practice, you will be more successful in letting go and concentrating. Happy birthday images funny.