NotYourNormal HealthBlog

Mostly, you'll want to know that I'm a health journalist and author - and have been for over a decade. This means I get to try all sorts of products/tips that claim to improve my life, weight, mood, fitness. Sometimes I do this so you don’t have to – the day an editor asked me to drink my own urine comes to mind here. That’s the type of thing I’ll be writing about here. Except the urine – the mag couldn’t pay me enough to do that, I’m not doing it here for free.

Having to research features also means I also interview experts day in day out and pick up nuggets of health info to fascinate/bore people with at parties - and now I can do the same for you online.

In life, I run slowly (but steadily), I eat fast (and steadily). I was born in England but live in Sydney which is my happy place. I'm never happier than when I getting off a plane somewhere new or eating a curry somewhere familiar. I waffle.....a lot.

If you're interested in finding other things I've written, I've worked for magazines like Red, Top Sante, Healthy, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Stylist, Grazia, Sainsbury's magazine, Stella and Good Health in Australia. I'm also Health Editor of The Carousel website in Oz.

You might also know me from such book titles as Dejunk Your Life, The Easy GI Diet, Detox Solutions, The Weekend Off Diet and The High Fat Diet.