Inspired Innovator

I am a very empathic, caring and compassionate individual who's sole purpose in life is to help and inspire others. 
I thrive on making a difference in people's lives because I like to see people become happy and healthy.

I do not judge people because we all come from different walks of life, each with a very personal and enriching story to share. 

I have overcome some of life's many difficulties and challenges and I hope you can too. 
​welcome to my blog about support for addiction and mental health. I am very passionate about both these subjects and I would love to provide some information about how to better your life.

I have a college diploma in addictions counselling, however, I do not claim to be an expert because I am still learning. I am currently working toward my B.A in Psychology, to add to my diploma. 

My goal for this blog is a place where people can come and fee safe about reading helpful information and many different resources.
I hope my stories will inspire people to get feel like there are people in this world who do care.