I have enjoyed sharing an incredible relationship with God, to actively be a sharer of His love through moments of seeking His peace that emerge as words on paper. I adore Jesus, He is the first love of my life, a love that exists in the deepest depths of my soul.
I journal pretty much every morning, try to get my heart lined up with God's will and most days I make it to about noon before I run into the challenges of life as we know it. I'm real lucky if I make it to noon, hahahaha!
When I started this blog page my intentions were to share from my journals but that just felt complicated. My true passion has always been poetry and my poems correlate with emotions, feelings and deep spiritual moments with God.
What started out as sharing my journals became sharing in the journey, because we are all on different paths heading towards one place and it is my hope that we all get there together.
God Bless You!