Evang. Olaleye O. F Oluwasegun

Olaleye Olakunle Oluwasegun Friday, who is better known as Iranlowo Ogo, is an Evangelist who was born in Agbado Crossing Ogun State, Nigeria, in 1990. He was raised by Christian parents, his father being an ex-police officer. Growing up, He only listened to Gospel preaching, and he would sing in his local church as a child. He earned his GED during his freshman year in high school and then started pursuing a career in Pastoring. Under the name Adura Iranlowow Ogo Global Outreach Ministry, he released a powerful Gospel program that was introduced in 2015,

At an early age, Olakunle showed interest in becoming a full-time Evangelist, and his parents supported him. He attended higher institution at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. Abeokuta Ogun State and then went on to receive a doctorate in Theology from the Wobi Bible College. After that, he was ordained as a minister. However,
after all this has been done, he got married to his heart desire on April 28, 2018, in the person of Mrs. Olaleye Afolasade Ruth, and they are both happily married.

Adura Iranlowo Ogo Global Outreach Ministry (AIOM) AKA " Help of Glory" was founded by Olaleye Olakunle Oluwasegun Friday on February 15, 2015.