Budapest, Helsinki

Sometimes, you feel pulled away for some inexplicable reason and you wander off. Sometimes, you feel pulled back for the same reason. For me, this pull back - rare as it is in my case, since I tend to exhibit wanderlust more than anything else - has now occurred again, possibly for only the second time in my life. I wasn't born in this place, but I spent my formative years here. This place was home, it meant family in every way that counts. I'm neither expat, migrant / immigrant nor local. Somehow I can never be any of these things due to the way I was brought up and my heritage. I am just someone who transitions, stays for a while, observes, and moves on.

I've chosen Helsinki and Budapest as the two cities from which to analyze the mind and experiences of a Cross-Cultural Kid. But in reality those cities could be anywhere in the world. Both have become home at some point in time, and yet I'm still a stranger. And yet, I wouldn't change anything about this situation. Because if I were to somehow achieve stability, it would bore me to tears.

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