I am a spinner, weaver, and dyer. While I struggle now and then to knit, I find I am much better at the first 3.

I have two working spinning wheels, a modified Ashford Traditional, and a Louet S10 Concept wheel along with a Kitten Drum carder, 2 pairs of hand carders, a pair of cotton carders, Indigo Hound double pitch combs, and many and various handspindles including a Takli for spinning cotton.

Though I have 2 rigid heddle looms, a Rapid Warp Rigid Heddle loom, and an inkle loom, my favorite weaving is continuous style. For that, I have 3 Spriggs Adjustable looms as a triangle, square, and rectangle. I also have the Hazel Rose sets of 14 inch triangle and square, and the 7 inch triangle and square. Quilting patterns can be adapted to work well with these smaller looms.

Dye pots are fun to play in and periodically, I have been puttering with acid based dye powders. It's fun and sometimes, no matter how carefully you measure, it can yield unexpected results. I think I am liking dyeing the unspun fiber before carding and spinning, certainly for the less fine fibers. I might stick to dyeing the yarn if it's merino and other extra fine fibers like alpaca.