Transformer oil filtration system - Trouble shooting and getting prepared for tomorrow while meeting today
In a result-oriented drive, Hering VPT focuses on purity and quality while generating oil filtration system, so that transformer operations are optimized. Such optimization, gives a winning edge to next gen transformers. Transformers are bound with responsibilities which demand effective power transmission and distribution network. Such demands, compel transformers to be checked regularly to ensure reliable service.
The current competition pushes our transformer oil filtration systems to fulfill expectations to be a formidable coolant and effective dielectric material. This in turn helps transformers to withstand stress resulting from heavy loading and short circuit. Age might decay the oil, thanks to oxidation and deposition of thermal by-products which results in interruption and breakdown of the machines. Preventative maintenance thus becomes inevitable. Parameters including electric, chemical and physical features help Hering VPT deliver the right product.
The electric parameters include the BDV kit which is kept near the transformer monitors the breakdown strength of voltage so that health of the oil is constantly supervised. The resistance of the transformer oil, when observed, protects the transformer in an overloaded condition, especially when the temperature shoots up. The need for proper resistivity arrives at this point.
When the atmospheric oxygen reacts with transformer oil, it encourages the acidic compounds leading to transformer failure. Eventually, the insulating oil is dissolved by the acidic components and accelerates ageing. Coming to the physical attributes, the interfacial stress which deals the existing tension between the oil and water surface, flash point value of transformer oil where it gives vapour and forms a mixture with air and thereby becomes inflammable in nature, the pour point value and viscosity index of transformer oil are understood while employing transformer oil Filtration system.
Transformer oil filtration systems differ in purposes and a streamlined approach is what keeps Hering VPT, a favourite of its customers. Client requirements vary inclusive of advanced overhaul of transformer oil or perhaps a comprehensive treatment of the transformer. The plant may be serving purposes such as maintenance, first oil filling, oil filtration, oil degassing, dehumidification, oil regeneration, transformer evacuation, hot oil spray drying to name a few. Transformer capacity is terms of voltage, power rating and oil content, also comes in the picture. The oil to be treated, be it transformer oil, new oil, used oil or non mineral oil and their respective flow capacity are other criteria. The professional in Hering VPT enjoys navigating into details while providing the desired product. Such expertise powered by German Engineering is obviously tagged as leading and benchmark brand.