Rupika Chopra

As the year 2017 came to an end, we welcomed 2018 with new energies, inhaling positivity and exhaling all that does not serve our greater good .......this year is the one of transformations and brilliant achievements. I am most excited to write on my fashion blog - "Her Tinted Closet". I pondered for days to find the right name for my baby blog. I loved the name because it reflects my personality - with many shades and stories to share. 💕

Love for fashion was instilled in me ever since I started recognising the magic of uniting the right combinations. An attire can create a spell, if they are perfectly put together. As a child, I would team up outfits innovatively and look beyond the ordinary. From being a fashion connoisseur, and a model, I ventured into the equity world and gained insights into business. I am also a trained actor and have acted in plays and short films.

Being a spiritual seeker - I am also into healing. This has changed my vibe as a human being and has made me understand the power of a human mind and energy.

Chic Styling has been a part of my personality.....My ultimate fashion icons have been Cindy Crawford, Latetia Casta, Gisele Bundchen, Claudia Schiffer, Monica Bellucci. Style is just never about brands alone, but how you bring out the best, by embracing yourself, keeping fit and understanding your body and styling it with a fabulous ensemble of fabric and accessories.

My love for fitness has always inspired me to push limits to achieve higher goals. I believe that one's physical, emotional and spiritual self should be aligned to bring a balance in life and manifest the best for self and others. So Love your mind, body and soul.....It is a way to be aligned with the universe!!!

Spirituality has always fascinated me......the path has only lead me to discover the divinity within and strive to be the best version of myself.

"Her Tinted Closet'' will give all the charismatic style lovers access to the chic, elegant, sporty, edgy, sexy, bohemian, casual, and many more hues waiting to be discovered.
Lets unfold the journey together - WELCOME TO "HER TINTED CLOSET"