By the Sea

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My name's Ibi and I am the author of
As a true nature lover and someone that often finds solutions to most problems within the natural realm. I decided to share as much as possible with you via this blog.
When i'm not spending my spare time experimenting with ingredients and mixing up deliciously natural hair and skin care for family and friends, I can be found outdoors cycling, walking or jotting notes in my blogging notebook. I recently relocated from London to a small seaside town in the UK to be closer to the sea and concentrate on Hey Natural Beauties and my soon to be launched organic and natural hair and skin care line 'The Afro Hair & Skin Co.' If you read my about page you would know that i'm committed to improving the quality and health of products marketed towards people of colour, by creating a truly natural brand that meets our need for high quality and effective hair and skin care, tailored to meet our specific needs while all the time keeping our health at the forefront.
I hope you find the information useful, lets make healthier practices the norm! There's no need to compromise health in the name of beauty, i'm here
to show you that you can have it all and you can have it healthy!
Ibi x

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