I am a freelance writer and blogger with a passion to create original content. I develop web content and write for online and offline magazines. I’m a seasoned blogger in writing impressive blog posts, comments, and use of social media.

I am the owner of the family, life, and self-improvement blog, Aha!NOW. There I love to exchange thoughts and views with my readers on issues related to life’s problems and jubilation, small or big. It is my endeavour to help, inspire, and motivate people to pay attention to life’s important and neglected issues and improve the quality of life.

With a experience in creating quality content for websites as well as individual projects, I can provide impeccable content. The areas of my expertise being creative article writing, keyword enriched articles, blogs, rewriting articles, web content writing, press releases, and email blasts.

I can create impressive and effective, well-researched articles and content, be it for online web or offline media like brochures, magazines, newsletters and emails.