Tara Neighborhood, Elkton, MD

Currently living on the Mason-Dixon Line, I'm a once removed Texan who enjoys mixing up local ingredients with some of my favorite childhood Tex-Mex, Southern Soul, and Creole cuisines. My mostly handmade recipes are also full of varied dishes from restaurant experiences I've had that I practice recreating at home. My first bite of spicy Vindaloo Chicken, Basmati Rice, and Tomato Chutney from Nirvana blew my country girl mind! Tomato Chutney is now a pretty regular dish on my rotating menu. That briny, salty, fresh herbal bite of a Summer Roll dipped in Fish Sauce I experienced for the first time at Bangkok House left me astounded! Now Summer Rolls are my go to hot weather party food. The melt-in-your mouth then punch your sinius first bite of a Beef-on-Weck almost convinced me I must move to Buffalo asap! Now I just slather a bit of horseradish over leftover prime rib and ask my baker extraordinaire to whip up a batch of caraway seed topped sandwich rolls for me instead. Imagine if you can standing in the buzzing beehive of Reading Terminal tasting a buttery, soft, warm, salty first bite of a freshly made Amish Pretzel. I shop at Reading Terminal Market now as often as the budget allows. And don't even get me started on the sour, creamy, spicy first bite of berbere spiked Misir Wat sponged up by hand with in Injera I experienced at Asmara! Needless to say, I continuously seek out new cuisines, techniques, ingredients, and spices to add to my recipe collection and enjoy blogging my results so I can learn and share knowledge with others.

Since cooking is my passion, I decided it was time for me to take the kid gloves off and start learning how to grow and preserve my own food. I'm very much a novice still, but very much enjoying the process of trial and error that comes with gardening and home canning. My long term goal is to severe ties with commercial groceries, but I've much left to learn. However, the determination is strong with this one.

I'm also a crazy cat lady! I have 3 littermates we rescued as kittens (couldn't split up the family!), 1 local pet store adoption (what did we come in here for?), and 1 barn Wildling I rescued from starvation (she's a gorgeous, brave Pastel Tortoiseshell!). All 5 of them are absolute bundles of joyful mischief and add so many hours of free entertainment to my life.

Basically, I'm a boring homebody, book nerd, Gamergirl, local hiker, crazy cat lady who loves Hogwarts, Zombies, Sashay Away, Captain Janeway, The One Ring, A Galaxy Far Far Away, and LIVES for cooking amazing food for people.

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