I just have decided to trust God, above everything else good or bad that might or might not happen to me or others. I stand in God just loves us all.
Start right there and stand there in belief to be seen through it all, while in troubles here on earth. Just love all from this fact God does just love us all. So love all in response to that truth for you too.

Thank You Father of in risen Son for us to have new life given in us not to be earned, as I have thought I had to do. Found out that is not true. Yet had I not tried to do, I would not know the truth that is now revealed in freedom given to us to do new. Not of self, of God for us.
Gal. 2:20-21, really spells this truth out. As Father in Spirit and truth reveals this to each of his, in his timing, not ours, at least not mine
Thanks to Father and Son as Won (One) for us to be new in his risen Life, after finalizing, we are forgiven and remain as forgiven, even if one sin again.
WHAT??????? Yes, God's sacrifice for us in Son is done. He will not die ever again for any sin that is finished for us to get new life given us to walk new in and not of self.

Thank you Father deeply in the Risen Jesus given us that stand in beleif to thee, no matter what comes up against us or for us. John 16:33