Holly G.


I'm first and foremost a beloved daughter of God. Each day I learn better how to understand my identity in Him and find joy in knowing that I am simply His.

I'm also a wife to my most incredible, loving, one of a kind, husband Bill. Without his support, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing to fulfill the call of God on my life.

I have 3 sites: House Calls With Holly, Cat Care Solutions and Potted Opulence. Those links are here in my profile.

House Calls With Holly: is all about ministering to the broken hearted. Offering hope, encouragement and sound advice, both from the Bible and from wisdom learned through VERY difficult life circumstances.

Cat Care Solutions @ is all about loving our cats better by finding solutions to the common kitty problems we face as their parents. You'll find cat care tips, reviews and product recommendations to improve everyone's quality of life.

Potted Opulence @ is all about the potted plants we love in our lives. It's a resource for reviews, shopping, helpful plant care advice, tips & tricks, plus so much more. It's a lot of fun!

Please come join me at any of these sites, join in on the conversation. I'd love to see you there! :) God bless you & those you love.

Love in Christ,