Norm Houseman

Lafayette, IN

Retired and happy. What more do you need to know?

Well, since you insist, I've started a daily blog to add a touch of discipline to my life now that I don't have a time clock to punch.

I stopped adding a post daily after the first year, and stopped insisting to myself that I needed to have a new photo ever day . Consequently, the discipline is now lacking.

After the second year I have decided that I can also use scanned items and perhaps even downloaded pictures in place of a photo. I am certainly getting lax in my commitment. And yet...and yet

During my fourth year, and things are even more loosey goosey. Has my focus to changed? Yes, but you have to read the blog to understand how. I guess I should go back and reread it as well. perhaps that would answer some of my own questions.

Five years blogging and I haven't given up. I'm probably a bit more crotchety, but I fight it. I changed my header picture in January, as I always do, but so far no one had noticed. Sigh. Maybe next year I'll set it up to rotate through a variety of headers.

Now I've lost track. Is this my sixth or seventh year blogging? I still do it occasionally, but other things take up more of my time.

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