Howard Michael Burnham Gowen

Athens, Georgia

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen's life has been full with wonder and inspiration. Whether he is an artist, a doctor, or an explorer, his positive attitude motivates him to seek out novel solutions. He's a bit of an adventurer. Howard Aside from making art out of unusual materials, Michael Burnham Gowen enjoys writing smart lyrics to complement hilarious music and experimenting with various culinary themes. He and his family have relocated to New York City. Howard In meditation, Michael Burnham Gowen studies the mind's last frontier. He is a strong and courageous athlete who has always liked testing his physical and mental limits. Dr. Howard Michael Burnham Gowen uses specific methods to deliver a pleasant massage that lowers stress while also boosting mobility and function. In addition to being a great cook, he often dazzles his fortunate family and friends with delightful, healthful meals that make imaginative use of high-quality, locally produced organic products.