After living a rather successful life, having all the things we are supposed to have to “be happy”, a good house, wonderful family, nice job and a good income, a series “chain events” marked my life leaving me literally on the street wondering what had happened and what went wrong.

This situation pushed me to find many tool on my path and many unexpected wonderful teachers who generously shared their wisdom in many forms with me, changing my life in many ways.

I have decided to start this blog to share this tools and lessons in the hope that someone out there who is living now a terrible situation, learns that there are other people who have walked that path and live terrible situations but have learnt to overcome them as well. It is possible to get out of the hole and live the life you have always wished.
I am a good example of it and I want to share with you all this baggage I have been gathering along my way to where I am now.

Fortunately I haven’t stop learning since I began and I don’t have all the answers in my backpack, so I continue my journey surprising myself every day and being grateful for the experiences.

We are in the same boat and that is why you are reading this, so I invite you to get in and share the ride. We will certainly learn both wonderful things and reach each one of us, our own particular concept of success. Thank you being here with me.

Hector Sampson