Kate Ross, MSW, CAS (Cherry Blossom Tree)

United Kingdom

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Kate studied Psychology and Social Sciences and earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from the University at Buffalo before relocating to England in mid-2008. She changed careers in 2013 from social care to special educational needs, where she quickly developed a personal interest in autism and Asperger syndrome. After being recommended Rudy Simone's book Aspergirls in July 2015, her perception and understanding of herself changed and "everything suddenly made sense". Kate received a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition in August 2016. Since then, Kate has become an Ambassador for the International Aspergirl Society, a contributing writer to Spectrum Women Magazine and NeuroClastic, and an associate collaborator with Aspiregers (Cheltenham-based autism organisation). She lives in Gloucestershire with her husband, Kevin, and their cat, Blossom. She enjoys reading, crocheting & knitting, collecting enamel pins (she's particularly proud of her Twin Peaks pin collection) & Funko Pop figurines, and going to concerts of her favourite bands (with earplugs, of course!).