Natalie Davis

Hi Guys and Girls :)
My name is Natalie Davis and I am 22 years old.
I am from South Africa, Port Elizabeth and I have stayed here all my life.
My hobbies are reading, listening to music, eating out, playing board games, watching series and watching more series!
I am a Plain Jane, not too much of a girl and not too much of a boy... Yes!! I am in between!
I have been secretly writing throughout my life and nobody really knows this about me. Today on 02 August 2018 I have decided to put that behind me and let it all out. I mostly write about my feelings and my experiences, you might see that soon.
Getting back to "About me", I have an older sister that goes by the name of Gi-anthea and both of my parents that I love so dearly!
I have always dreamt about being a Journalist and going into Drama. (I still do dream about doing that.)

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite animal: ALL (Mostly dogs)
Favorite drink: Milkshake
Favorite color: Brown
Favorite book: Chicken soup for the soul
Favorite series: Greys anatomy

Yesssssss….. I feel like that is enough! You will get to know me as time goes by! :)