iancisco (Ethics)

ETHICS (Comm 110)
BA Film

Favorite book: I am not really fond of books/reading but I think I'll choose "The Good Earth" a novel by Pearl S. Buck because this was the only book I finished reading in high school which was a requirement.

Favorite film: John Denver Trending. This film is included among my list of favorite films because the story is timely and relevant. It says a lot about mental health issue in the age of social media where it offers one the freedom of speech and anonymity. This is situated in a rural third world country, the Philippines, where the issue of mental health has not yet been widely discussed and understood by most of its population. I think this film should be watched to raise awareness about the mental health issue and how one should act in online media platforms.

Favorite Media Practitioner: Filipino film director, Lino Brocka, because his works are very critical in helping artists address issues confronting the country. His films are powerful enough to reflect these social issues that is relevant up until today. He's an inspiration of film making as a critical and progressive art medium.

Favorite song: Apoy ng Kandila by Unique Salonga. I really like this song because it sounds calming but at the same time disturbing for anyone who has yet to experience the harsh reality of the world that time itself cannot be stopped.

Favorite meal: I really like spicy food and Japanese food so my choice is spicy tonkotsu ramen because this makes me feel warm and full.

Hobbies: Video games, YouTube videos, Photography, Photo/Video editing, Digital music production, Watching films, Jogging