Gabriele Schmetterling Richter

enchanted forest

i love to write about what i feel, to be able to express my feelings is liberating and the process of writing is therapeutic for me. i’m an infj, empath, hsp, pisces; believe me its an overwhelming combination to be! i love to sing out loud (without any audience) and dance on my own beat. universe, nature, animals and insects are my favorite things to observe. i love helping people but i’m new to the idea of helping myself. i’m a smiler and a swiftie. besides i’m a lawyer to be and manifesting ten other things at a time. my life goal is to touch people’s lives in any way possible. ich arbeite gerade daran, die deutsche sprache zu lernen. i love writing poems. it’s something i’ve started to write during lockdown and it had helped me in everyway.