Identity Averted

I'm a 33 year old queer/gay female who isn't afraid to challenge gender norms, loves to read, and enjoys various forms of creative expression. I finally got my official diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder level 1 last year (at age 32) and am mainly using this blog to help sort through my thoughts for a memoir I hope to publish one day as well as refine my writing skills. The name Identity Averted is a play on both "identity crisis" and "crisis averted" - both of which I feel like are quite accurate though difficult to adequately articulate an explanation. "Identity crisis" because I grew up having no idea that I was autistic and not understanding my struggles and differences. This lead to many years of frustration, depression, and feeling immensely lonely. I have mixed feelings on whether or not an earlier diagnosis would have done more harm than good, and I am sure there are valid arguments for both sides. Either way, at least I now have some resolution and can be at peace with myself and my past. My main goal for this "project" is to reach others who may be having similar experiences, be a voice among the autistic community, and help others feel a little less alone.