Barbara Gannon - Cancer Is NOT A Death Sentence!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Barbara Gannon is a butt-kicking cancer survivor who is also a mother, wife, and happy grandmother of two. Barbara lives in sunny Queensland, Australia with her husband Mark and is committed to living life to the fullest!

Barbara is the founder of SuccessFollows.Me, and author of the cancer "war chest" report called "Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence."

Barbara's inspirational Natural Cancer Healing Journey has caught the hearts and minds of many that have been touched by Cancer.

Given only 3 months to live, Barbara has fought this horrible disease with NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION or any other Big Pharma "so-called" Cancer Treatments. She is a true inspiration.

Barbara's style is typically direct, honest, heartwarming, and delivered all with a great sense of Aussie humour. Be prepared to laugh, cry and cheer all at once!

Barbara is now a regular blog contributor to "The Truth About Cancer"

Find out more about Barb, her journey, and download a free copy of her report at

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