Birmingham, United Kingdom

Eric is an Infrastructure strategist, with years of hands-on managerial and technical leadership experience in the infrastructure industry. His works in both private and public sectors in Liberia, as well as his understanding of global infrastructural concepts developed over the years of collaboration with other professionals from both developed and developing countries, have placed him in a hyper position to contribute to the ongoing infrastructure conversations.

Considered as a global citizen, Eric obtained several qualifications from Liberia, Japan, China, Itlay, and the UK. With a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, Eric went on to study for an advanced certificate in Drainage and Sewerage Engineering in Japan. He later moved to the P.R.China in 2013, where he received a master degree in Geotechnical Engineering. Eric has done extensive research on the application of weathered laterite soil as base and subbase in both low and high volume roads construction in tropical regions.

Selected through a competitive merit-based application process in 2016, Eric joined over 200 fellows from more than 100 countries around the world at the European Union Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy, where he studied "The Formulation of Evidenced Based infrastructure policies". In 2017 he also had the opportunity to attend the "Senior Road Executive Training Program which was focused entirely Road Institutional Reform and Management" at the University of Birmingham. Based on the engagements, the intensity and the learning experiences generated from the Senior Road Executive Training course in 2017, Eric was encouraged to return to the University of Birmingham, where he currently studies, pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Road Management and Engineering with an emphasis in road economics.

A motivated tech-savvy, Eric loves using different computer programs (engineering software) to plan and strategize the management and execution of different technical tasks.

With vast experience in project coordination, management and specialty in road data inventory and condition survey, road institution policy etc. Eric has ably managed the design and implementation of a countable number of projects. Particularly activities in road projects, ranging from inventory and collection of condition data on all categories of roads to feasibility studies and design of geotechnical components of road projects.

Eric rejoined the Ministry of Public Works in Liberia in 2015 as Technical Assistant to the Deputy Minister for Technical Services. As the Technical Assistant, Eric role was divided in two-fold. He worked generally on infrastructure policies and specifically in technical management and coordination. On many occasions, he was largely responsible to decipher infrastructure policies from the national government into implementable projects or technical tasks. His duties also included the coordination of ongoing projects between the project engineers and the office of the Deputy Minister.

Eric hopes to inspire everyone in the infrastructure industry and beyond through his day-to-day to work to look deeper into their inner self to achieve their full potential. He holds firm the belief that education is the only sustainable avenue to a bright future and better civilization.

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