AXA / INGRAY Rock Band from Sarajevo to Detroit

Detroit, MI, USA

Rock band AXA (later renamed to INGRAY) originated in Sarajevo (Bosnia) and in ’99 (after releasing “Therion Confidential”, getting Awarded on a few International festivals and meeting with President Clinton) moved to the U.S. to make a career in playing original, eclectic, international rock music without compromise. From bars, to clubs and theaters, INGRAY gained a large fan base and raised to be one of the most popular Detroit’s rock bands. They have released several albums and were featured on Detroit’s most popular rock radio stations - 101WRIF and 98X. In 2009, Detroit’s Annual Music Award ceremony featured their lifesize posters in the lobby of Filmore Theater, advertising “AWAY” as the next big thing that year (which, for a while, it was, but their fame was greatly affected by mistakes of the indie label they were signed for). The band scored music for several movies and for a few national TV commercials. As INGRAY, (and lead by Haris Cizmic and David Dupuie) they recorded a custom soundtrack for an official Chevy Camaro website (produced by Campbell Ewald, an official GM agency). In 2010 INGRAY won the title of “Hard Rock’s Ambassadors of Rock” for Detroit, performed for 8,000 fans at Concert of Colors and unexpectedly broke up. At that point several large labels were openly showing interest for INGRAY and wanted to sign them. But INGRAY (previously known as AXA) was done playing music for good. Many agree that INGRAY’s 2009 album “AWAY” is still a must-hear, being very progressive, very original and very much different from anything else out there. Songs like “Closer Away”, “Pressure”, “Liar”, “Killing Time”, “Scream” and others (check them on youtube) are still being heard on hundreds of online radios every day. CD’s are now hard to find, but all their releases (including previously never released music) are still available at Haris Cizmic’s website (including his solo work and film music) for download.

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