I'm a literature lover from Oklahoma. I've been reading books ever since I can remember; it's just in my blood. I was homeschooled until the day I graduated high school, and loved every minute of it. If anything, that only fueled my intense passion and yearning for a good story, probably even more than I could ever imagine.

On my blog you will discover a bountiful supply of awesome books I'm reading + reviews, my favorite quotes, and other fun things about the printed word and my adventures into history. Sometimes I just get hooked on a fresh topic I've never truly explored on my own before, and then suddenly I'm reading a several books all about the Titanic, or the Civil War... or just anything that perks my interest. Classic literature plays a big part in my reading diet, along with a big assortment or other amazing books.
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When my nose isn't stuck in a book, I'm a graphic designer. To check out some of my artwork (maybe there's something you'd even like to hang on your wall... and yes, I do loooove to create book-themed art), check out my Etsy shop: