Glen Coleman is a retired Learning Consultant who developed insomnia while traveling the globe for IBM, delivering intensive leadership training workshops at global delivery centers. For twenty years he spent time refining professional presentation skills and helping leaders at IBM delivery centers to become effective leaders. During the seven most intensive years of travel for this job, he lost the ability to obtain normal, restful, restorative sleep. Anxiety, major depressive disorder, and eventually the loss of concentration led to an abrupt end to a beloved job and career.

The story he hopes to convey in this blog is that many workers today are suffering from chronic exhaustion, lack of a normal sleep cycle, depression, divorce and an array of digestive and cognitive health problems that are brought on by ignoring the warning signs of an oncoming end to normalcy. This blog is a layman's attempt to share experiences, and to offer support to others who may be enduring a reduced enjoyment of life because they've let their job take over their life. Whether you're a workaholic or just a dedicated worker, you deserve the fullness of a life well lived, and the presence in the lives of your family and friends. Please join this blog and contribute your experiences, your advice, and your energy to helping others who are experiencing anxiety, panic, depression, and decreased desire to engage in a full and productive life.