Who is InVictoriaStamus?
I’m a writer, a photographer and gypsy at heart.

I find the beauty in all things – on the spectrum of light and dark.

I prefer the darkness in many areas: ideas that are considered taboo fuel me.

I question everything. I search for answers.

I write about strong emotions, debates that occur in my mind and psychological disorders.

This is my outlet. I always struggled to express myself… therefore never did until one year ago…

I’ve battled with clinical depression, social anxiety, bipolar II disorder and misophonia most of my life and as a Psychology student, I have dedicated my life to spreading awareness and creating a wave of change.

I aspire to be the one whom I needed when I was younger and to help others struggling.

I hope to help others realize the potential they hold inside of them.


On Victory We Stand is the goal of standing victorious together with the two sides of the self (light and dark/good and bad/happy and sad).