Yvonne C

Well, I'm a woman in her 50's wanting to share my ups & downs journey with invisable Illnesses that I suffer from. Fibromyalgia, nerve damage & depression/bipolar/PTSD/ & anxiety. I want to bring awareness to those searching for others to relate to & to those who want to understand it because a family member or friend has any Invisible Illnesses. Lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, back issues, etc. This is where I want to also share your journey. I would like to expressly state that I am not nor do I give out medical advise. I am simply sharing my experience with my Invisible Illnesses & answering any questions related to how I cope or what meds I've used. I will never recommend medication but offer advice on which type of doctor to consider if you are not aware of which specialist to go to in order to be diagnosed & get help for your disorder. What gets me going is when the mood strikes & I'm in a good place to focus, I research research research research. I hope you will follow my journey & know that I am a very normal person who truly loves life & the people in it. It is just unfortunate that these ailments plague me. Look forward to hearing your journey & input. 🌼