Fairy Queen


Welcome to my world. I am FAIRY QUEEN. I live in Italy, near Venice.I'm an art therapist who helps difficult children and "stuck" adults. I have been an artist for many years of my life, I studied Performing Arts and Fine Arts at the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LONDON. Then I devoted myself to psychology to help people who have various inner discomforts.
I am also a writer. My editors have published 9 of my books. I also write on Wattpad, in Italian and English.
I am a very sunny, cheerful, sociable and affectionate woman. I am a good observer of the world I live in and I often notice things that others do not notice.
I believe in the value of friendship and love, collaboration and mutual help on an interpersonal and international level.
My passions are: swimming, MTB, trekking, diving, kite surfing, sub diving, tai chi, meditation, cycling, art, gardening, theater, cinema, travelling.

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