H-Town aka Houston, Texas

Hello World🌎

I'm actually in the middle of rewriting & finishing up my Bio...

However, here is a little "sumthin-sumthin" for you to go on in the meantime.

I am the Editor & Founder of Jestificated Hip Hop Blog known on social media as J2Pricey aka Jes'kuz Price.

Things that pique my interest are: I love Music, Writing, Sewing, Fashion design, visual storytelling, & being Creative in general. While I am also open to #Networking & #Engaging with other #Bloggers from various backgrounds, industries and of course #MusicMakers around the globe (underground & mainstream).

Therefore, if you know music, make music or write music "specifically TRAP/RAP & HIP-HOP". In general, if you can talk music of any genre, we will most likely catch a vibe :) Feel free to holler at me or drop a line!

-Please note I will soon be featuring underground talent that fire or those who have not been recognized for their greatness. However, understandably I am not able to feature/cover every single Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Engineer or etc via my blog (for obvious reasons, while also realizing the time consumption, research, writing, editing & curation that goes with featuring hip hop talent. I am not staffed or set-up in that manner.

Last, if you simply would like to just converse on music, entertainment or website subject matters, then please know I am always open to that - along with tips to help myself or you, suggestions, ideas, creative partnerships, within reason so holler at me! Till my bio is complete, I hope you all stay safe, stay prayed up, stay positive and #NEVER #STOP #CREATING.

Thank you,

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