Jalen "The Lone Wolf"

My name is Jalen and my nickname is "JIN OKAMI." I am a young man who is a Anime Junkie, Anime Blogger, Cosplayer, a Geek and a Gamer. As a college dropout, I don't know what I can do with my life except being an amateur blogger. All my life, I love watching anime, playing video games, cosplaying and learning new things. I love living my life as a geek and I'm not afraid to express who I am. Anime has been a huge part of life because I've watching a lot of anime shows when I was a kid. I use anime as part of my training exercise to learn what the series is about. As a passionate writer, I want to write about something that I've loved. On my daily days, I prefer to watching anime, playing video games, reading manga books, work on my website, study, meditate, listen to old school music on my IPod Nano, and sleep. I'm still doing my best to discover what I want to be in life so why not give blogging a shot. I'm just an average anime fan because anime is part of my escapism and my life.