jim bates

I live in Long Lake, Minnesota. I enjoy walking, gardening, bird watching, reading, writing, bicycle riding and playing with my fantastic grand kids. I have two wonderful boys who I see as often as I can. I'm retired after working many years as a sales and technical development and training instructor. I have also worked in a family owned garden center and most recently was part owner of a small gift shop near to where I live. I collect old marbles, vintage dinky toy race cars, YA books from the 1900's and vintage radios from the 30's and 40's. I am a passionate yo-yo player. I also make leather goods which I sell online. I am a fortunate man - life is very good.
My stories have been posted on-line at CafeLit (CafeLit Writers - Creative Cafe Project), Paragraph Planet, The Writers' Cafe Magazine, Cabinet of Heed and published by A Million Ways, an Indie Publication.

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