Breaking habits support

jacksonville florida

I'm an energetic, go getter and I'm constantly learning and striving to make a better life for myself, my wife, and our three adopted kids. I smoked cigarettes for 20 years and one day something clicked in my head and I used this system to quit,😂 cold turkey and I haven't looked back. I'm not trying to get rich with this, but I do want to help others quit bad habits and replace them with good ones. They say it takes21 days to break or make a habit, so I suggest a 21 dollar donation. Although any donation would be extremely helpful and appreciated. I am not saying anyone has to donate, i live everyone the same if they do or they dont. I ask this so we can reach more people, and kick these bad habits to the curb. What are some bad habits you want advice about? leave feedback. Send donations via cashapp carterjdcsmoney donations can also be received via paypal at