Michael A. Kuch

“Kuched” is testimony of My Blessed Life as a recovering Goof (*) and lapsed Hypo-Christian (**). A 'Satirical Raconteur'. An imperfect guy with big, nearly unsolvable issues stuffed inside an extra-medium sized melon. I've been told I sound smarter than I am. I'm not sure what that means. I’m entirely oblivious to the obvious. I’m typically honest about telling fibs (*, **). I sleep occasionally, and write – way too much – in between pursuing my side hustle of paying penance I can’t afford. I almost never procrastinate when it comes to eating between meals. "Life works for me." I’m in a wonderful place. My Epiphanies are up to date. My True Purpose defines me. I’ve been labeled a bunch of things I can’t remember telling myself. A work-in-progress for a Half-Century. The version you see here is the latest draft. Its getting better by the day.