Jane A. Weiss, LCSW

Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm a Psychotherapist working with people's life dissatisfaction and beyond!
I'm a pet-lover, mom, wife, sister, friend, aunt, hiker, camper, traveler. Join me!

Psychotherapy is not just about venting your issues, although that can be part of it. Through compassionate listening in a reputable safe atmosphere, my clients and I join to discover what’s not working for them, and decide on the outcomes they wish to achieve. In addition, I provide support and the necessary education, training, and self-management skills to last a lifetime.

Specialties include:
Relationship issues; Managing Emotions; Ineffective Habits such as eating disorders, chemical dependencies, control issues; problems with Social Anxiety; Trauma related issues; desire for a more Meaningful Existence.

Tags: Psychotherapy, Personal Growth, Counseling, Marriage, Individual, Relationship, Adolescent, Couples, Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Communication, spirituality, Mindfulness

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