‘Helping YOU look your BEST, Everyday!’
After 20plus years in the Hair and Beauty industry I still have a huge passion for all things beauty. I love working with people, helping others look and feel great, sharing tips and skills that they can use at home daily.

In 2011 I joined Mary Kay UK as an Independent Beauty Consultant, with their gorgeous products, great support and encouragement introducing me to the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ I have commenced an ongoing journey of self-development, without which this site may never have been created. I certain have more self-confidence, braver about stepping out of my comfort zone to try new things and reach my full potential.
I want to share all of this with others. With a personalised beauty service I help you find a daily skincare regime and/or find a makeup look you can wear every day, these skills last a lifetime helping you look and feel great every day. Through this site I hope to take that service one step further reaching out to help many more with tips and advice that can be used daily at home.

Mary Kay Ash started her company in Dallas, Texas in 1963 with just $5000 and 50years on it is a Global Top 10 Beauty brand, established in 35 countries. A company designed for women who love people and want flexible control of their income, that fits round family responsibilities.

If you would like more details on any of my services or more information on the Mary Kay business opportunity please contact me.

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