I am a 58 year old wife, mother of three children John Jr. 40, Jodie 38 and Jessica 36. I have 4 grandchildren Clayton 18, Rylee 14, Mia 12, and Isis 11. My interests keep changing as well as my health issues. Lately, I am addicted to makeup and fashion for my age of course! Winters are long where I live so when my youngest ask me to go to Sephora for a makeover I jumped at the chance. I had to learn all the new techniques from youtube. To think blush, foundation, lipstick and mascara was all I thought was needed!
I have 2 dogs Brady 12 yr. old English Bulldog and Gunner an almost 2 yr. old cockapoo, he is a spit fire! The weather has finally started to warm up here. Winter seems to last longer as I age, so walking Gunner down our road is one of my favorite things to do during my day. I seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place just like managing my health issues. It keeps life exciting, I will myself not to stay down too long...meditation, youtube, Great Courses, and many other informative newsletters I indulge. I heard once if you aren't making mistakes or learning, you are not living up to your potential. One of my life goals is travel to Italy, England (by the way I am a huge fan of Princess Diana and her sons). I had the pleasure of caring for three of my grandchildren from birth until they attended school full time. I enjoyed it so much! It was like I was able to redo being a mother and l learned from my mistakes! So much more patient this time. I enjoyed listening to those tiny voices asking me question after question. Yet, being able to hand them to momma after her long workday was an added bonus! In a previously lifetime I was interested in law. I worked as a paralegal for a short time but it was to hold my interest for many years until I had to finally admit time, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis took its toll on the body and brain. So, I like to look the best I can given my circumstances. I recently lost two of my sisters and several of my brothers are not in good health. I am the youngest in my family, it is not easy losing siblings so close together. I am so fortunate to have the coolest memories of my parents and five siblings who have past on. Life for me is good!