United Kingdom

I originally hail from London, left there many years ago to escape the 'rat race', not quite there yet. The journey hasn't always been smooth, change is never easy to adjust to. As for jobs, I've reinvented myself many times, Administrator, Funeral Director and Regression Therapist being some of my incarnations. As you can see, I like a little variety. Often joked that I was working my way round the temple complex of Karnak in Thebes (scribe, healer, priestess). As I am a Priestess of Anubis and an ordained Interfaith Minister this is highly likely...

Ancient civilizations have been a focus of my passion since childhood, especially ancient Egypt. This is evident throughout my writing. As are themes ranging from folklore, myth, legend, the gothic and shamanism. A mixed bag to be sure. Major influences are Joseph Campbell, C. G. Jung, mysticism and esoterica.

My literary efforts are sporadic and inclined to take on a life of their own. One of the reasons for my primary blog being entitled ‘occasional musings.’ The fallow times are when ideas are gestating, a strange period that feels a little outside of time and space. The space this occurs within is a symbolic shed, a building that I am quite fond of in real life. Hence the blog being called Strange Goings On In The Shed. My main Muse is an ancient Egyptian deity, Anpu (more commonly known as Anubis); the great God of Death and Walker between the Worlds. I'm a Priestess of Anubis and an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

I have another blog devoted to tales of a Storyteller who goes in search of this elusive deity, this can be found at Dispatches from the Hinterland. The journeys here are filled with fantastical encounters, firming the basis for a bigger project. Other characters tend to drop into the Shed now and again, a certain White Rabbit especially! All my blogs explore the places within us that are hidden in the shadows, deep, mysterious spaces of transformation. They are often quite surreal and nonsensical. As our subconscious can be. The journeys are as much about personal exploration as they are symbolic. Please enjoy, or not, but in all sincerity I would like to offer you an ancient Egyptian blessing: "May you enter favoured, and leave beloved"