Elizabeth Whitener


My life went from the punk rock streets of NYC to the SF, music / entertainment management and promotion, to video games, to tech executive. Turned consultant... now gone rogue. When I am not traveling my etsy shops are open. Get a 10% discount here -->

Now tinkering my way around this churning planet of ours, selling vintage clothes, trinkets, odds and ends, with no permanent address. Still consulting when I can and acting as a conduit for high finance companies looking to invest but mostly road tripping my way around the world and through life while trying to write about it and take purty pictures. I live nowhere and everywhere. Sorta homeless with intent.

Step by step, mile by mile, sometimes inch by inch. But every movement forward or stumble back is yet another fantastic journey to me.

Just completed driving 2000+ miles of mostly Scotland with a wee bit of England, Wales & Ireland. Heading for a cross country US road trip with my ancient dog Roadie & skittish cat Dew. Then back to Scotland to do it all over again, before heading to Jordan!

The less I have, the more I am. The more I travel, the more connected I become. The more I give, the greater I get. The more I see, the less I understand.