1. Non major, shifting to BA Film
2. The Hunger Games Trilogy, it was the only novel that I finished without anyone forcing me to read it, but it became my favorite because I liked the story.
3. Why Dont You Play in Hell by Sion Sono. It is my favorite film because it tackles a lot of issues in our society, also it feels like a live action anime.
4. Steeeeeeve Dailisan. I liked him ever since I was in grade school, he gave a speech in one of the journalism contest that i joined. I was inspired to be a media practitioner since then.
5. Post Malone, I just love the beats and music that he makes. It's catchy and easy to remember.
6. Sopas, every time I am sick, my mom always cooks it for me, I love the creamy taste of the soup
7. Playing mobile games.